Adventures with Lisa, Frank & Daisy Dewdrop

Packing: It’s All in the Bag
September 1, 2006, 3:49 pm
Filed under: Travel

Frank and I have lots of bags. Big bags, little bags, insulated bags. Camera bags, duffel bags, garment bags, hip bags.

My husband, by the way, is the master of packing and preparedness.

When we decided to become active campers two years ago, we had no system. Cooking utensils were borrowed from our kitchen, as was silverware, clothing, boots, coats, blankets – all were gathered from hither and yon and thrown into bags.

This did not work well.

First we established the Cooking Bag. This is a multipocket duffel bag. We upgraded our camping cookery items and set them for camping only. When washed at home after a trip, they are simply returned to the Cooking Bag.

Next came the Table Bag. This is an insulated back pack. Metal plates and cups and camp silverware. Napkins, tablecloths, towels and washcloths for dealing with dishes. All for camping only.

We mastered the “camp kitchen” the first summer with those two bags. And established The First Aid Bag – which was originally a flat messenger type handbag.

The next year, we established the Bath Bag, another duffel. Shampoo, conditioner matching washcloths, scrubbies and towells, toothbrush and toothpaste, razors, – all dedicated to the Bath Bag only and not every day use.

And then, The Hiking Bag (backpack). This holds the First Aid Bag, the Walkie Talkie Bag, the GPS bag, and one Camera Bag (We have two).

Then there’s the Tarp and Ropes Bag (army bag), the Tent Bag (army bag), the Tools Bag (army bag), the Maps and Books Bag (book bag), the Air Mattress Bag (formerly a tennis racket bag), the Food Box, the Fire Box, and the Coleman lantern bucket.

(The lantern bucket idea we got from Frank’s friend Norman. Take a 5-gallon bucket, cut a hole in the lid the same size as the cap on the lantern, and run padded foam around the inside of the bucket. It keeps the lantern stable, protected, and can hold mantles and matches and such. Works GREAT!)

All these bags, boxes and bucket are already packed.

But, then there’s the Coat and Shoes bag (rubber-type thing), Frank’s Bag (duffel), my suitcase (a metal briefcase my dad had that makes a nice bedside table in the tent when closed), my make-up and hair bag, and the coolers.

And the fishing pole and tackle box.

Of course we also take two hats, my purse, and Frank’s wallet.

So, seventeen bags, two boxes, one bucket, three coolers, two huggies, one fishing pole and tackle box, two hats, one purse and one wallet later. . .

I think we’re ready to go.


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