Adventures with Lisa, Frank & Daisy Dewdrop

Hey, that’s My fish!
September 1, 2006, 3:51 pm
Filed under: Our Yard & Garden

After weeding, running the sweeper, and getting paperwork ready for work tomorrow, I meandered out to the lake with my fishing pole. It was a little early ~ I know the fish won’t bite until there is shade on the water. But half the point of fishing is sitting.I’m not one of those cast-and-reel cast-and-reel fisherpersons. I use a bobber. Even so, with cheddar cheese on the hook, the sunfish and bluegill will keep you pretty active.

Today, however, Mr. Hawk came by, and after circling overhead for about ten minutes, settled in a treetop across the water. It’s rather odd having a hawk fly 50 feet above you, looking down at you like you could be lunch. I suppose he decided I was too big though, and off to his tree top he went.

Now I know I’m supposed to watch my line, but have you ever watched a hawk fish?

The first time he did it, I actually thought he fell out of the tree.

Straight down, into the water – splash!

Then, with a flap of the wings and a fish in his talons, he rose slowly up from the lake and back to his tree to eat. On the way, he lost his grip, and the fish fell back into the water.

I watched him do this for about ten minutes. Treetop, splash, flap, treetop. It was beautiful.

That’s when I realized a fish had taken the bait on my line, and was off with it – bobber no where above water to be seen.

Even a good size sun fish will give you a fight, and with the head start I had given it, it took me a little while to reel it in.

The darn thing had gotten down around a bush at the water’s edge, and it took me forever to get it out.

I admit, I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have water in my fish bucket, and so I tossed the fish on the bank while I waded down to the water’s edge to fill the bucket.

I suppose that was my mistake, but I never would have imagined. . .

While I was down by the water, I’ll be damned if that hawk didn’t swoop down and steal my fish!

So I’m standing there, feet in the muck, bucket half full, body half way up the bank, mouth wide open, totally dumbfounded, watching a freaking bird fly off with my fish.


For one of the few times in my life, I was totally without words.

Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

In fact, I still don’t believe it.

Talk about the one that got away. . .


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