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A Lazy Day?
September 1, 2006, 3:59 pm
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I’m finally getting caught up with the house chores after our five days away last weekend. We left the house in such a mess, in the middle of hay season (second cutting), and then I came home with all these new ideas.(It’s also weed season here in West Virginia, so I’ve been mowing, cleaning, writing with itchy eyes and the nose-faucet running on high.)

House cleaning duties were extended while we were gone by teeny tiny spiders. While we were gone, they strung cobwebs all over everything – the lamp shades, bookshelves, every nook and cranny in the house. An interesting development that took two hours with a broom and feather duster to remove before I could even dust or vaccuum.

As for the new ideas, most of that is the result of the various reading I did on the trip.

I read an article in Writer’s Digest magazine about “the basics of a writer’s web site”, and thus, upon my return, spent a day reworking (Link listed as “What I’d Really Like to Do” at left.)

Then, with a few new ideas and the Daisy vacation photos, I added some new designs to, putting Daisy on T-shirts and posters. I also added a new theme with items saying, “Don’t worry about what people think, they don’t do it that often.”

None of the new designs have sold yet, but I did sell four “Hillbilly” shirts in the last two weeks, and a couple of shirts that say “I go where my GPS tells me.”

While camping, I also had (what I think) is a great idea for a guide book, and I spent about two hours yesterday working out a book outline.

I also have ideas for three or four magazine articles, and researched potential markets. After taking a four-day free online course about writing query letters, I hope to start sending queries within the next three weeks.

I have a problem with one story though, I had the research file on the floor (yes, that’s a filing location at my house) and Daisy peed on it when she first arrived, and I think I threw it away.

I’d forgotten about it until now.

So, with that piece, I’m going to have to back up and punt.


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I once bought a book on Procrastination…never read it and finally gave it away…I have started a lot of projects that either (1) didn’t turn out the way I wanted or (2) never turned out at all! However, I do believe I’ve finished more than I’ve let go by the wayside.
I once put a design on Cafe Press…I’d forgotten about that place, since my dreamcatcher idea was a flop there! Oh, well… I hope you can figure out a way to make your ideas there sell!
When I went to college, I couldn’t at first decide whether to major in Art or English. For me, Art was harder, so I majored in Art! Someone told me they thought that was a dumb thing to do. I never thought so!

Comment by Karen Pennebaker

Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by. You’re the first one to comment at the new blog!

Comment by wvtraveler

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